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The Titolo Tower is a house on the outskirts of Barile, in the North of Basilicata, immersed between vineyard and olive groves that have been tended to for 4 generations. The story of the Fucci Family, over the last few years, is one of a prestigio [...] continue


"Traditional is the more correct limit that defines those present varieties from remote times in a given geographic area, and there they have developed particular and distinctive characteristics". BIBENDA, n. 18 - 2005 "… The ground derived  [...] continue


Our winery was founded in 2000 at a time when our family was discussing whether to sell the beautiful vineyards surrounding the house where I grew up.   The vineyards were purchased in the 60’s by my grandfather Generoso, who chose to bu [...] continue


Within this fertile land, the vines regard Mount Vulture with pride and fear, almost seeking a confirmation of quality for the grape and the wine with every day that passes. The context is unequaled beauty: sun, rain, snow and winds that signal the c [...] continue


The actual winery has been obtained from the old premises under the family residence (Torre TITOLO) where the grandfather Generoso placed the tractor and agricultural equipment. A first extension was performed by digging directly into the volcanic rock [...] continue
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